For 90 years, MITSUBOSHI has grown to be one of the world''s largest belt manufacturers. KAICO is proud to represent MITSUBOSHI in the state of Kuwait and middle east region.


Timing Belts offer numerous advantages over chain and gear drives: great efficiency, reduced weight , quieter operation and fuel savings. Stable High tensile strength synthetic cords resists shrinking and stretching

Constant synchronous power is assured with precision molded teeth that perfectly mesh with pulley grooves pitch, width and length. Special materials assure durability and performance in a hot and oily environment.


Tensile Cords : High tensile strength fiberglass or aramid cords resist stretching and shrinking
Material : Durability, performance and reliabilty in tough engine environments
Facing : Wear resistant fabric protects the tooth surface and keeps frictional loss at a minimum

V-Ribbed Belts combinge the benefits of flat belt flexibility with the power transmission capability of the v-belt.

V-Ribbed belts provide the ultimate in belt design for use on todays modern engines where space and weight are critical

- Accessories can be drived from the top or bottom side of the belt enabling compact designs
- Top or backside ribs are capable of handing high load accerssories

Rubber Compounds are formulated to reduce noise caused by humid conditions and worn pulleys.

Proven reliability on drives with or without automatic tensioners

Optimum flexibility provides greater heat dissipation which insures longer operational efficiency for one belt drive systems.


Top Fabric (V-Ribbed only) : Fliexible, bias cut fabric is impregnated with oil and heat resistant rubber to eliminate wear and cracking
Insulation Rubber : Cords are enclosed in an Oil and heat resistant rubber compound with strong adhesive qualities for maximum cord support and long  life.

Tensile Cords: High Tensile strength aramid or pre-stretched polyester cords insure high horsepower capacity and constant belt tensions on spring tensions systems and locaked center drives.

Rib Rubber: Rib Rubber is reinforced with fiber chips and heat resistant rubber compound for wear resistance and reduced noise


Raw-Edge Cogged & raw Edge Multi-Ply

A proven, cost effective design that is the preferred option on many applications

Popular on trucks , agricultural units , heavy equipment and other applications where large gasoline and diesel enginers are used

Optimum flexibility provides greate heat dissipation which insures longer operational efficiency. Cogged design provides area for circulation further reducing heat build up and provides greater flexibility.

Variable spacings of cogs provides improved belt performance by reduing noise and tension decay.

Laminated construction of the bottom fabirc reduces noise in the drive that is inherently loud.

Still Maintains a strong replacement market for older cars produced before v-ribbed belts were introduced.


Top Fabric : Strong, wear resistant bias cut fabric designed for protection without loss of flexibility

Tensile : High tensile strength, pre streteched polysterd cords for reduced stretching and constant tension.

Compression Rubber : Reinforced with fiber chips to provide high coefficient of friction and ear ressitance and greater flexibility. Insures a smooth and even trasnfer of load forces to the cords.

Bottom Fabric: Crack resistant, highly flexible fabric is impregnanted with oil and heat resistant rubber compound. Laminated construction insures a strong bond and reduced noise.

Rubber Sides: Eliminate slip and maintain a positive contact with the pulley grooves for constant, reliable energy transfer.

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