We are having a wide range of this extra ordinary brand of tires, basically the spot lights will be more on the Passenger car tire ranges called “ATR Sport” & “Platinum” and from the SUV tire range we will have “Desert Hawk”.




ATR Sport, will have Silica in the compound of the material from which the tread is made, which will give high levels of grip specially on wet conditions and all in all much better fuel efficiency and road stability. Also, the 3D surface block technology used on these tires will give a very smooth ride reducing the road noise in high levels too.



Platinum, this tire will have same properties of the above mentioned “ATR Sport” range with more to offer on higher road stability and grip on dry & wet conditions, it is Twin Grooved which means very high  maneuvering and turning performance, Also designed in a way to protect the wheel from damages to some level.



Desert Hawk, again designed for better grip and stability on the wet & dry roads, this range of SUV tires are manufactured in a way where they can handle the bigger & heavier vehicle size but at the same time giving the same traction, road grip, maneuvering control & braking performance just as the small lighter vehicles can have. Plus, the optimized tread blocks that reduce the road noise. Putting all this together,  it would be very difficult to match the overall premium performance this range can offer to the SUV owners.




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