Our Range of product lines include :

Achilles, made by MASA, one of the major tires manufacturers in Indonesia, a high quality reliable tire for a very reasonable price.
We have a good range in stock now for passenger car & SUV’s and are working on having a bigger range and tread patterns soon. More details

We also have some fast moving tire sizes  of Sagitar from China & Atlas also from China to cover market demand for our respected customers whenever needed. More details

VR12, made in USA,  is the ultimate radiator and cooling system protection and solution that will take away all cooling system maintenance costs for a long time.
- It is suitable for fleet owners and individual car owners too.
- Bio based, Eco-friendly, non poisonous and can be used on all kinds of cars and radiators.
- Can be used with or without coolant.
More details

Seahorse, made in Turkey, is one of the most popular Lubricants and car care products throughout Turkey and some Europian countries.
They do almost all deisel & petrol engines, transmissions, grease, coolant, ATF oils & car care products.
More details..

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